Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winning wine from Secret Stone

It feels like a bit of a betrayal to post about New Zealand wine but there is plenty of time to get to the Aussie ones! When I was in Wellington last year, I visited a wine bar (for the free Wifi!) and had a very nice glass of red wine. I cannot remember the grape(s) but I do remember it was from Secret Stone. A week or so ago - the time is beginning to blur (but not due to too much wine) - I therefore decided to take advantage of a special offer in Liquorland for two bottles from the Secret Stone range. I thought perhaps it was blend of some kind but the only two varieties I could find in the shop were Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc - two of my favourites from the Marlborough region.

Both were good but the Pinot was the one that I really liked. It wasn’t quite up to the awesomeness of Roaring Meg from Mt Difficulty but it’s definitely one that I would get again. It’s also pushed New Zealand Pinot Noir slightly higher up my red wine wish-list. (Australian Shiraz has been sitting at the top of the go-to list since moving over but I’ve also had some decent glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon - my wine of choice as a student - whilst out and about, which has given me pause for thought.)

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