Thursday, 24 October 2013

When is a Moro not a Boost? When it's an Aussie Cadbury's Mars Bar!

One of the pleasures of moving to a new country is getting to grips with it's idiosyncracies, especially when the familiar gets a touch of the unfamiliar. This is particularly true of foodstuffs, I think. One such example is the Cadbury's Boost and Cadbury's Moro.

When I first moved to Ireland, the chocolate bar in the UK known as a Boost (formerly a Biscuit Boost, I believe - the original being coconut -) was called a Moro. The exception, I think, was the Boost Guarana, which contained Guarana - whatever that is. I was therefore pretty conditioned to the fact that a Boost and Moro were the same thing.

In Australia, they are not the same at all! A Boost is like a Boost in the UK. (The texture might be a bit different but that might also just be the heat.) A Moro, on the other hand, is more like a Mars bar, with nougat and caramel. The texture is a little different and it's nicer than a Mars bar, I think.

Cadbury's chocolate itself is rather disappointing compared to its British or Irish namesake - more like Rowntree's chocolate. (It reminded me of non-Cadbury's Easter Eggs.) In bar form, however, with other non-chocolate components, it is nice.

So there you go. Next up (for Cadbury's): Freddos.


  1. what about Snickers n Starburst?

  2. Are you avoiding the Marmite/Vegimite battle because it's too obvious?

  3. I think that a Starburst used to be a Peanut Boost. Never a Moro, though...

    Vegimite is good in sarnies with cheese. It's a bit like toned-down marmite, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

  4. Rich, Starburst were Opal Fruits and Peanut Boost was (is?) a star bar.
    And marmite is way better than vegemite.


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