Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Starbucks versus Costa iced latte - the key is not to blend it

This summer has been a scorcher and my coffee habits have been appropriately adjusted to increase the number of cold coffee drinks. I had dabbled in the odd frappuccino in the past but this year I really discovered the joys of the iced latte. The problem with blended drinks is that they get very watery at the end, whereas a lovely latte on ice retains all its coffee goodness. For that reason, a Starbucks iced latte is (for me) cold coffee perfection!

Costa, on the other hand, do something very weird. It all starts out like it’s going to be a regular iced latte, albeit with a artistic flourish of letting the coffee seep down into the milk rather than mixing it. (Why?) But then they do something really weird, and blend some of it up somehow. I’m not exactly sure what they do but you end up with a load of foamy stuff floating on top of your latte that (a) somehow seems to contain a lot of the coffee, and (b) is really hard to suck up the straw. (It just seems to float on top.)

I recommend sticking to Starbucks!


  1. Iced Latte has become our favourite afternoon drink for this unexpected hot summer. Starbucks is great (better than Costa, we agree) but have you tried Caffe Nero? Great texture and taste indeed. They have some ready-to-go flavoured iced coffees but you should ask for a fresh brew.

    1. Thanks, Nico. I've not tried a Nero iced latte but will have to have to try one.


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