Sunday, 5 August 2012

A great intro to Humanism by the BHA

Continuing this month's celebration of things that make me proud to be British, here is a lovely (and short) video by the British Humanist Association explaining (a) what Humanism is, and (b) why you don't need religion to have morals or to give life meaning.

I particularly like the quote from Richard Dawkins:"Science is the poetry of reality."

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  1. A friend of mine is presently in the terminal stage of Cancer. I will miss her and her brutal wit, but it feels to me much better to have been there for the last chapter and know the pain and suffering are over.
    How much more terrible must it be to fret over any of her indescretions or human flaws which have long since passed in to memory 'on earth' but would otherwise bring biblical judgement. It would be awful to think she could burn in hell for eternity.
    A trial with a verdict you will never know...


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