Friday, 13 July 2012

Facts meet fantasies at the Giant's Causeway

I posted earlier about the scale of the Young Earth Creationist error about the age of Giant's Causeway in terms of scale but did not go into the science behind it, largely because I am not a geologist (or had geological training) and there are others who are (or have) who have done a much better job.

One such person is Dr Stephen Moreton, who wrote a piece on this very subject in Issue 6 of the Earth Science Ireland magazine (P37-P39), entitled "Facts meet fantasies at the Giant's Causeway". It's short, free, referenced, really well written and exposes a number of YEC lies and glaring errors.

I'd love to reproduce it all here (maybe I will ask Dr Moreton if I can) but this is probably my favourite quote:
"The plant flora also presents a problem for creationists... In the case of animals creationists say the observed ordering is in part a consequence of how fast they could swim, run or fly to escape the rising water... Perhaps the Palaeocene cedars and pines could run faster than the Carboniferous ferns and mosses."
And when you examine YEC claims in detail, they really are on this level of silliness. The saddest thing is that, despite the clear debunking of their claims (such as dodgy radiometric dating), they keep turning out the same rubbish.

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