Saturday, 4 February 2012

In support of TripAdvisor

So, it seems that TripAdvisor has been in the news recently for being unregulated and not being able to assert with 100% confidence that reviews are genuine. Furthermore, certain establishments have been caught encouraging fake favourable reviews. (Not just TripAdvisor.)

I have no doubt that both of these are true but, at the same time, I have personally found TripAdvisor to be pretty reliable. Successes include Kali Mirchi in Southampton, The Dandy Lion in Bradford-on-Avon, and Yak Yeti Yak in Bath. I've also contributed a few reviews myself, so I know they're not all falsehoods.

Most things in life are open to abuse by the devious and determined that lack the scruples of better (wo)men but let's not throw the baby out of the bathwater. Long live TripAdvisor and all who sail in her! (You can read their response to the ASA here.)

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