Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Impressed with Cafe2u Coffee at the Southampton Kite Festival

I thought I should balance out my last post giving out about coffee on the Jonathan Swift by endorsing some surprisingly good coffee on the go. Last Saturday was the Southampton Kite Festival. Our friends, the Flying Fish Kiting Team, were performing so we went down to lend some support. (And a good performance it was too! Sadly, the weather was not quite so good, so no pictures this year.)

As well as the kite skills of Flying Fish (and their four-man team, L-Katz,) one of the impressive highlights of the day was the coffee from the Cafe2u mobile coffee van that was there. (Last year's culinary stand-out, Biggles Donuts, were not there, sadly.) Proper, freshly made coffee, and not ridiculously overpriced. (I also like the smiling running coffee bean on their logo!)

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