Friday, 21 June 2013

Chic and cheerful at Urbun cafe, Cabinteely village

Continuing the good coffee theme, earlier this week we had lunch at Urbun cafe in Cabinteely, south Dublin. As befitting a cafe that started life as a market stall, the interior is simple but comfortable and, for want of a better word, wholesome. The knives and forks, for example, were brought to the table in a reused jam jar. (I think the decor might "urban chic" but I'm not really sure - I won't let that uncertainty interfere with a blog post title, though!)

The food was very good. I had the special - a tasty sweet potato and bacon frittata - and also got to sample some of my wife's club sandwich. The frittata was good but the sandwiches at Urbun are pretty special, served on thick slices of lovely fresh bread - highly recommended.

After lunch we had a coffee and that was also excellent. Their barista, Vini, had won third prize in the Irish Barista Championship and did not disappoint. Good stuff!

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