Friday, 31 August 2012

Tim Minchin talks to Caitlin Moran

I've probably been living under a rock or something because I have never really come across Caitlin Moran before. I've just listened to Tim Minchin talk to Caitlin Moran on BBC Radio 4's "Chain Reaction" (it wasn't quite an interview!) and it was great!

It's only available on iPlayer for 5 more days and it's well worth a listen. (The previous episode in which Derren Brown interviewed Tim Minchin was pretty good too but I think that one's gone already. Perhaps it will reappear somewhere?)

She has some great things to say on a variety of topics including modern feminism and "ethical" free-range celebrity gossip. Although I'm not one, it really made me want to read How to be a Woman and, on the basis of this podcast, I would recommend that you do too! (It won an award and everything.)

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