Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dive into ocean exploration with a University of Southampton MOOC

I am not entirely sure whether MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have any tangible benefits to the participants (or the hosting institution beyond publicity). Nevertheless, there is no denying that they represent excellent value for money (being free!) and are a great opportunity to learn some really interesting things.

If oceans are your thing and you have a bit of spare time in February and March then check out the Exploring our Oceans MOOC being run by Oceanography at the University of Southampton:

In this six week interactive course, you will see how the ocean depths are no longer out of reach and how they are connected to our everyday lives. We will engage you in our most recent expedition findings and share our knowledge on the least touched areas of our oceans.

Together we’ll look at the animals that swim in these dark waters, the creatures that live on the seabed and the makeup of the underwater environment they live in.

Visit the Exploring our Oceans MOOC page for more details - or to sign up!

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