Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Making your iPad a laptop with the Incase Origami Workstation

I’ve previously blogged about my frustration when trying to use a iPad for much in the way of text input, even when using an external keyboard. The problem is that even though the pairing of the iPad with the keyboard through Bluetooth works really well, you still need to physically interact with the iPad. (A wireless trackpad will not work.) I have the standard folding iPad cover, so this means that I either have to lie it down, which is not very useful/practical, or stand it up and press the screen very gently so as not to topple it. What I really needed was something that would give some back support to the iPad whilst using the keyboard.

This week I got myself an Incase Origami Workstation, having seen it used successfully on a iPad training course. Like all the best ideas, this is a really simple but well executed piece of kit. As the name suggests, it folds out from a flat, lightweight keyboard cover to a stand that keeps the iPad and keyboard securely in place. The velcro makes the switch quick, easy and painless.

Perhaps surprisingly, it actually does a pretty decent job at turning your iPad into a literal laptop. Although the hinge of the Origami Workstation is too flexible to move it about much whilst the iPad is slotted in, once in place it is pretty stable; when using it on a table it is very sturdy and does the job superbly.

Thoroughly recommended! (Cheaper in the Apple Store than Amazon at the moment too!)


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