Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Cabbages of Doom: now only 99p!

Perhaps somewhat predictably, copies of The Cabbages of Doom are not exactly flying off the virtual shelves. This could, of course, be that's it's rubbish and no one likes the sample chapter enough to cough up the price of McFlurry to read the rest. My web sleuthing (and ego), however, suggest that it's a lack of reviews that is the issue: why would someone invest their precious time on something with only the author's recommendation?

This is therefore an unabashed plea for some kind folks out there to write some nice words on Amazon, Lulu or iBooks - assuming you have read and liked the book, of course! It's not that long, should you want to find out! What better way to spend a lazy Sunday than in the company of homicidal vegetables and vegicidal animals on a whirlwind adventure of carnage, romance and silliness. (Mostly silliness.)

As an extra motivator, the PDF Edition of The Cabbages of Doom is now only 99p, in line with the iBookstore price - and you can try before you buy! If you read the sample chapter and are sitting on the fence, I'll even send you a copy - as long as you agree to write a review if you have anything nice to say! If you do buy it, I might even share my McFlurry with you.

(Don't mind Frankie, there. He is just trying to use his mind-control powers to convince you.)

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