Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mount Difficulty, Roaring Meg 2009 Pinot Noir

A couple of years ago at the University Wine Club barbecue, we had a delicious red wine from Mount Difficulty, called Roaring Meg.

They say:
This wine exhibits a lovely mix of dark red cherry and black berry fruits along with a hint of licorice. Further complexity is gained from oak spice. The wine has a sweet berry entry which displays these same characters in abundance. Lovely ripe textural tannins rise gracefully out of the mid-palate to finish the wine. These are balanced by the wine’s acidity and fruit, to produce a long fruit-driven finish.
A while ago, we invested in a couple of bottles for special occasions. Fortunately, investing in a couple of nice bottles of wine constituted a special occasion! We cracked one of the bottles open and I am happy to report that it was every bit as delicious as we remembered! Now, I'm just looking for an excuse to declare another special occasion.

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