Friday, 7 October 2011

What's the atheist equivalent of RIP?

It's always a little strange when a truly famous person dies, especially one made famous by being so bloody brilliant at their job; even more so when the results of that job genuinely change the lives of millions. There are few people that really change the world - even most world leaders don't really make an awful difference in the grand scheme of things. Steve Jobs undeniably changed the world and I can't help feel that the world is a poorer place today for his loss. (Even with all the monopolising and money-grabbing that makes me moan about the "evil" Apple corporation from time to time.)

I was going to title this post "RIP Steve Jobs" as the general sentiment - a respect for the deceased and their memory - is right. The implied sentiment - that Steve Jobs is still hanging around in the giant Apple Store in the sky - is certainly not right, though. This is a problem I've encountered before: what is the atheist equivalent of "RIP"? I'm yet to find something that carries the same sentiment but without the baggage. (It's funny how, like Apple products, the influence of religion pervades all things even when you are "on the other side". (Traditionally, I'm a PC/Windows man!))

Anyhoo... I love my iPhone. I love my iPad. I wouldn't have either without Steve Jobs. Hopefully his memory will inspire others on to greatness. It may be tough in the modern age but one man can still change the world and make it a better place.

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