Monday, 8 August 2011

iPad therefore I blog (again)

Well, this is my first blog for a while and the first using my new iPad. I had a quick look for a blogging App but, being too cheap to buy one, and failing to find a free one, I soon gave up on that and thought I'd go raw and do it in Safari.

I didn't realise, however, quite how raw I would have to be. It seems that the main blogger "Compose" window does not really like Safari on the iPad, or perhaps visa versa, and so I am limited to writing in raw HTML. Not a big problem - and I'm sure I'll develop good tagging skills - but it does slow down formatting somewhat.

Worse, it seems impossible to add any photos. I tried linking from a URL but that did not work. Perhaps coding the link directly in HTML will work but this is not really desirable. Oh well, here goes...

Hmmm. Either the Preview has failed or my HTML did - or the Picasa link is not a happy one to use. I guess I will just publish and see. Perhaps I should just stop being so cheap and buy a decent blogging App...

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