Sunday, 20 January 2013

More snow pictures

Entrance to Southampton Common in snowSouthampton Common in snowWhen it is wet and windy, walking to work can be quite unpleasant. On a snowy day like yesterday, however, it is a joy! I am lucky enough to have a walk to work that traverses Southampton Common and could therefore really enjoy some snowy trees and (at that point) unspoilt blankets of snow.

Thanks to my touchscreen gloves, I was able to snap away quite happily on my iPhone without even getting cold hands! It also gave me a good chance to try out the "panaroma" function of my iPhone - something that my wife mentioned to me (as I had somehow overlooked it completely) but not yet tried out.

It took me a couple of attempts to get it right but I am pretty impressed and pleased with the results. (You can see more on Google+.) They're a bit small here but hopefully will open bigger OK. (I might need to find a different way to get them into blogger that doesn't resize on the largest dimension.)

B85 panoramic
Top: Southmapton Common. Middle: Southampton University.
Bottom: Building 85 (Life Sciences) and surrounds
Giant snowman
The University got shut in the afternoon due to the snow and the students (and staff?) were able to let off a bit of steam by building snowmen, including this giant in the "plaza" outside Building 85 (right).

There was even more snowman construction going on in Southampton Common on the way back home. One group were even building an igloo, which can be made out on the left in the picture below. When I was passing, it about waist/chest height. I've not been back to see if they finished it!
Igloo building

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