Sunday, 15 January 2012

Damn fine Dalmatian Dingač

Yesterday was the first tasting of the Year for the University of Southampton Wine Club. The tasting was "8 Dalmations":
"The 2012 inaugural wine tasting will bring back fond memories of summer warmth and sun-drenched picturesque shores of the south Adriatic Sea – and hopefully this setting can be recreated by tasting the wines typical of that region: Pelješac peninsula and Korčula Island. Already the ancient Greeks grew vine there and after a brief exile in established wine-making regions of the old and new world more and more wine-growers and makers return to Croatia, only to express their newly polished skills in exciting wines.

We will experience 3 white wines from the Korčula vinogorje (typical/registered region), a relatively green island with rolling hills, famous also for being the home of Marco Polo. In contrast, northern Pelješac is characterised by wind swept escarpments and small villages. Grapes barely survive what nature and the gods throws at them, but for the wine-lover the efforts of hard working small wine estates can be very rewarding, and we will taste 5 reds from the Pelješac vinogorje."
This was a great tasting that embodies all that is good about these events: good company, good nibbles and an interesting selection of wines that I would not normally have access to nor think about trying. (Too be honest, I had never heard of any of them!)

The stand-out discovery for me was my enjoyment of the Dingač red wines. We sampled two robust reds (14.3% and 15% vol!) and a dessert variety, and all three were very tasty. My personal favourite was the 2006 Matuško (right) but others favoured the 2004 Skaramuča (centre). They have an interesting flavour, with a lot more cherry versus the berries of the red wines that I normally go for. Sadly, I think they are only really available in Croatia but it is on my holiday destination wishlist, so I will just have to make a mental note and bide my time!

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