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Last year, I was mostly listening to...

I am not entirely sure that I trust the following, as my MacBook hard drive died in the summer of 2013 and a Time Machine backup was overdue. As a result, I think I lost a month or so of play counts and the resulting list is a bit biased towards recent acquisitions. Nevertheless, for posterity (and anyone curious), here is what I was listening to most in 2013 (compiled using the same script as last year.

Top 20 Tracks (most plays) of 2013

# Name Artist Album Plays
1 When I Grow Up Matilda the Musical Original Cast Matilda the Musical (Original Cast Recording) 30
2 Buck Rogers Feeder Echo Park 17
3 Walk Foo Fighters Wasting Light 13
= See The World Gomez How We Operate 13
5 The Duel Anna Phoebe Embrace EP 12
= How Far We've Come Matchbox Twenty Exile On Mainstream 12
7 The Farewell Anna Phoebe Rise of the Warrior 11
= Seven Days In The Sun Feeder Echo Park 11
= The Smell of Rebellion Matilda the Musical Original Cast Matilda the Musical (Original Cast Recording) 11
= No More Heroes Slash Apocalyptic Love (Special Edition) 11
11 Gypsy Anna Phoebe Gypsy 10
= Route 149(A) Anna Phoebe Gypsy 10
= Bombay to Beirut Anna Phoebe Gypsy 10
= See Through Blue Beth Orton Sugaring Season 10
= Viva La Vida Coldplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends 10
= We Can't Rewind Feeder Echo Park 10
= Naughty Matilda the Musical Original Cast Matilda the Musical (Original Cast Recording) 10
= The Hammer Matilda the Musical Original Cast Matilda the Musical (Original Cast Recording) 10
= His Girl The Budos Band The Budos Band II 10

Top 10 Albums (plays per track) of 2013

# Album Album_Artist Plays/Track
1 Embrace EP Anna Phoebe 8.75
2 Matilda the Musical (Original Cast Recording) Matilda the Musical Original Cast 8.05882352941
3 Gypsy Anna Phoebe 7.66666666667
4 Rise of the Warrior Anna Phoebe 7.41666666667
5 Echo Park Feeder 7.16666666667
6 Fossils Aoife ODonovan 6.3
7 Uno Green Day 6.0
8 Dos Green Day 5.84615384615
9 The Budos Band III (Bonus Version) The Budos Band 5.25
10 Hail to the King Avenged Sevenfold 5.1

There’s a few old favourites in there, like Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold, plus some new discoveries. Feeder is somewhat a blast from the past although I never really got into them at the time and mainly knew of them from a couple of tracks on the Gran Turismo soundtrack. The stand-out new artist in the lists is Anna Phoebe, which can best be described as violin rock music!

Anna Phoebe is instrumental, as is The Budos Band, which is good for background when writing or coding at work - hence the surge in plays over recent weeks. Matilda the Musical is just awesome - a Tim Minchin triumph! We went to see it live in London before the big move Down Under and it was so good that I bought the album straight away and it was the favourite in the car for a while. Indeed, if wasn’t for the MacBook death, I’m sure it would have racked up a load more plays. More on that later, I think.

It’s interesting to see some of my all time favourites are still hitting the most played list, as they did last year: Walk (Foo Fighters), See The World (Gomez), How Far We’ve Come (Matchbox Twenty) and No More Heroes (Slash) are all listen-to-before-you-die tracks. (I suspect that they might be there again next year!)

Top 10 Artists (Most listened to) of 2013

# Artist Plays Tracks
1 Feeder 231 63
2 Green Day 222 103
3 Anna Phoebe 193 25
= Avenged Sevenfold 193 57
5 Vitamin String Quartet 142 57
6 Matilda the Musical Original Cast 137 17
7 Jack Johnson 95 33
8 Matchbox Twenty 93 26
9 Foo Fighters 76 60
10 Gomez 64 65

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