Saturday, 2 June 2012

Afrotheria Artstudio-style

I've been taking a bit of R&R from the exam marking this evening and indulging my artistic side. I'm not entirely sure that I have an artistic side but I've been meaning to find out for a while as I used to really enjoy art at school before being encouraged to not to take it at GCSE in favour of a "more academic" nature. (History. Something I still consider to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Dropping Art, that is, rather than taking History. Not that I ever used it again.)

Recently, I bought a stylus for my iPad, as I thought this would be a good medium to play around on. Plenty of opportunity to undo! After a bit of on-line investigation and browsing in the App store, I also invested in a copy of ArtStudio, which at £1.99 (or $2.99) is a real bargain and packed full of features. I am still finding my way with it but here's my first offering from a collection simply called "Afrotheria". (Inspired by one of this year's exam questions in which the Superorder Afrotheria - which includes elephants, elephant shrews, aardvarks and sea cows - was used as the Outgroup for a tree of placental mammals.)

I think they need a little work but not bad for a first draft concept piece!

Credits. The animals themselves were copied from a PNAS article by Blair Hedges, "Afrotheria: Plate tectonics meets genomics". I hope the author doesn't mind.

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