Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Our cats don't like cat scans

In addition to interesting titbits about science, Jerry Coyne at the Why Evolution is True website likes to post about cats. (Having two cats, I can appreciate this!) One of the more recent ones was about cat scans (and a contest). In case you've not come across this, there is a whole website dedicated to "cat scanning" - literally putting your kittie on a flatbed scanner and scanning it!

Inspired, we decided to have a go ourselves. It turns our two are not big fans of the cat scanning! Not even a strategic use of cat treats could overcome their suspicion of the moving (and whirring) white line. A couple of spectacular dismounts left me with one bit of advice for would-be cat scanners: put the scanner on the floor!

Oh well. They won't be winning any prizes but here's our offering to the crazy world of the cat scan:

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