Friday, 19 August 2011

I eat waffles, therefore I waffle

I just changed my profile picture to this one of me eating a lovely Belgian waffle in Bruges and it got me thinking about food/verb homonyms - words that are food but also verbs. Like waffle. I like waffle. And, I like to waffle, as you (and my poor students) can tell.

But then I got thinking about other ones: cake, chip, chop, cream, fish, jam, juice, milk, toast... all yummy things. Sprout. Hmm. (Actually, I like sprouts.)

Some of these of course, are foods named after verbs. Chips, for example, are chips because they were chipped from potatoes. Likewise, chops were chopped and toast was toasted. Some are the other way round: you fish to get fish, milk to get milk and juice to get juice. Not so sure about cake, though. And back to waffle... Where does that come from?

Then we can cast the net wider with homophones: I drink wine, I whine; I eat meat, I meet; I eat a plum, I plumb. OK, so I might be scraping the barrel with that one. (I'm a bad plumber, clearly.) I'm sure I had some better ones when I started writing this post but my mind's gone blank. Oh well. Perhaps they will come back to me. In the meantime, I think I shall go and chock a lot.

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