Tuesday, 23 August 2011

It's a workout, Gym, but not as we know it

Today, I went to the gym for the first time in quite a few weeks. Too many weeks. So many weeks, in fact, I couldn't even remember when I last went to the gym, so I looked it up. It was June 22 - exactly two months ago, almost to the minute.

Last time, I got a free trial session with a personal trainer. It was pretty good but I was literally still hurting a little a week later - part of the plethora of lame-assed excuses that stopped me going back since. Another part was the shame of seeing said personal trainer, having seemed so keen at the time and then failed to turn up again.

So why go now? Well, the time has come to reverse the polarity of the shaming beam. A friend has just signed up at the same gym and went first thing on Sunday morning, of all times. Then, my wife went earlier today. Finally, of course, there is Rule #1: Cardio. It was time to climb back on the horse. Or, more accurately, back on the treadmill. Without a horse: that would be cheating.

This blog is the final cog in the wheel of shame. My wife and friends are too nice to really make me feel shame for my non-attendance. Instead, therefore, I shall here record my triumphs, or acknowledge my lazy lameness, to be forever electronically recorded for posterity. Or, at least, until the inevitable EM pulse from World War III takes out Google.

Machines used: treadmill
Time run: 30 min
Distance: 5km
Rehydration: lucozade sport, raspberry

Location:LA Fitness, Southampton,United Kingdom


  1. Why don't you grow some cabbages and pump some iron too!!!

  2. @jparcoeur - I have crucifer trust issues, Monsieur. I might pump iron later but I have trouble with it getting stuck in the spout.


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