Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ain't Life Grand with a 12yo Dalmore

I'm not a big fan of washing up. (Who is?) I am a big fan of (good) whisky and music, however, and sometimes such things can combine in a moment of excellence that even washing up becomes enjoyable. Such a combination happened for me earlier this week, with a very nice 12 year old Dalmore, which is possibly my favourite whisky, and "Ain't Life Grand" by Slash's Snakepit, one of my favourite albums.

With whisky, I generally go for something very peaty, like a Laphroig or Lagavulin. The problem with these, though, is that I really have to be in the right mood to appreciate them. Dalmore, whilst still (to my amateur palate) clearly a Highland whisky, is not as smoky as these guys but is much more approachable as a result.

Like the Dalmore, Slash's Snakepit are also a fairly recent discovery for me - the album "Ain't Life Grand" is only a little younger than the whisky, with a release date of 2000. Personally, I think Guns 'n' Roses peaked with "Appetite for Destruction" but some of my favourite Slash guitar work is post GNR. Snakepit doesn't have the same vocal presence as GNR but "Ain't Life Grand" is packed full of great riffs and solid rock music. It may be a bit Old School but it's good Old School. In terms of individual great tracks, I think "Appetite for Destruction" still has the edge but, as an album, I think I'd have to side with "Ain't Life Grand". A must for Slash fans and lovers of good rock guitar.

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