Saturday, 6 April 2013

Geek architecture at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

As well as the geeky sculptures, the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has some good geeky architecture. The tower of the Beckman Laboratory (above) stood out to me as a geneticist, with the four nucleotide abbreviations (g, a, t, c) on its four faces. There was a bit of a missed opportunity with the staircase in the middle, though, which is just a spiral up a central column rather than a double helix (right). Oh well.

As it happens, the conference was too engaging to do much exploration, so I'm not sure if it's a repeating theme across campus. If I get to go back, I will have to find out. Even if there isn't, though, it's a charming place to wander about. Apparently, it used to be a whaling station and many of the labs are in what look like large colonial houses, such as the Luke Building (below).

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