Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Evidence-based medicine needs your help!

This is turning into a week of petitions, with another important cause that needs more signatories. This time, is not rhino horn or pangolin scale quackery that's the target, though, it's real evidence-based medicine.

I've blogged before about Ben Goldacre's book, Bad Pharma, and how legal loopholes allow big drug companies to get away with heinous crimes of data massage and selective reporting of clinical trial results. The AllTrials campaign to make clinical trial data more available and transparent is in full swing and has the backing of hundreds of organisations including big names like the MRC, NHS and, encouraging, GSK. This is a big one, not just because the issue at stake is so important to all of us but also because it stands a real chance of success.

They have tens of thousands of signatures at the moment but want to break a million and get support from more international companies and professional bodies. If you haven't signed already, please do. If you have, please encourage others to do likewise. As Ben Goldacre and Tracey Brown wrote in an email recently:
"We are on the threshold of significant change, but we now urgently need help from all of you to make this a reality."

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