Thursday, 9 May 2013

Loving Helen Arney's animal love

Today was my last undergrad lecture - possibly my last ever at Southampton. It was on "Reproductive Strategies" and so I thought a post relevant to animal reproduction was in order.

Although I missed them the first time around, I came across the Rationalist Association's podcasts a while back, including snippets from "The Nine Days of Godless Christmas" from 2011. The best, in my opinion, is Day 6, which features singer and comedian Helen Arney with a love song inspired by the habits of animals. It's well worth a listen.

You can find the lyrics and buy a high quality version of the track at Helen Arney's website. My favourite part (spolier alert!):
"Let’s make love like Angler Fish, yeah
It’s kind of complicated but it’s worth it
You use your highly developed olfactory sense to swim towards me for several days
And then you bite me
That releases an enzyme that then dissolved your skin & your flesh & your… fins…
Leaving only a pair of genitals attached to the side of my body
For me to use
When it’s convenient."
Funny and educational!

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