Wednesday, 1 May 2013

QSLiMFinder conference posters now up on F1000Posters

Although I have aspirations, I'm not very good at blogging about my work. I think this is partly because of my British squeamishness at self-promotion and partly because I can't decide where to start.

Having made a few posts about my recent(ish) visit to Cold Spring Harbor (and its geeky architecture/sculpture), I thought I should make at least one post related to the conference itself (the 2013 CSHL "Systems Biology: Networks" meeting. The two posters my lab presented have just gone live on F1000 Posters, which seemed as good an excuse as any:

  • Palopoli N & Edwards RJ. Improved computational prediction of Short Linear Motifs using specific protein-protein interaction data.
  • Edwards RJ & Palopoli N. Computational prediction of short linear motifs mediating host-pathogen protein-protein interactions.
  • I'll try to write a more informative post soon but, in the meantime, you can read the abstracts at my SeqSuite blog (or even click on the links to the posters) if you want to know more!

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