Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Your Logical Fallacy is...

Due to grant deadlines and other such fun stuff, I've not had much time/energy leftover for blogging this past week or so. I feel the need to break my May duck, though, so here's a quick post on a useful website - as much so that I have it bookmarked as anything else.

It's and the idea is that it's a one-stop shop for frequently used logical fallacies that are pulled out whenever someone is trying to argue their point from a position of weakness, ignorance and/or sheer bloody-mindedness. It's going to be good to have a flick through from time to time and make sure that I am not falling into any of these myself. It's easy to do when you want quick closure because you "know you are right" but it is always worth remembering that sometimes you will need to go away and regroup/read up before coming back and tackling an opposing position with facts and logic.

Before people get wrongly excited about this site and it's design, which lets you direct people straight to the fallacy their opponent is making, there is one fallacy I think worth pointing out: the fallacy fallacy - just because someone is making a logical fallacy, does not mean they are wrong. (In other words, please use this site to get arguments back on track, not to "win" them by pointing out that someone else's point is invalid.)

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