Monday, 14 May 2012

The Master Builder's masters of fish and chips

The sun finally came out this weekend. Hooray! To celebrate, we went for a walk near Lepe from the book Jarrold Short Walks - The New Forest National Park. It was a lovely stroll (if a bit damp in places) and I can recommend the book if you live in/near Hampshire.

The highlight of the day, though, was lunch. Back in April, we stayed for a night in The Master Builder's at Buckler's Hard, and had a very tasty dinner in their restaurant. In the Yachtsman's bar before dinner, I had spied some impressive portions of fish and chips being served to other patrons and made a mental note.

The last stretch of today's hike was along the beach near Lepe Country Park, which left us very much in the mood for Fish and Chips, so we thought we would find out if the Master Builder's fish and chips tasted as good as they looked. They didn't. They were better.

All four of us had the fish and chips and the general consensus was that the fish was perfect - light, crisp batter and perfectly cooked chunky fillets of fish. Probably the best I have ever had and, growing up in a seaside town, I've had my fair share of fish and chips! The tartare sauce was also spectacularly good. I'm not sure how they made tartare sauce taste so nice but they nailed it. The chips were not quite so spectacular but certainly nothing wrong with them. The only slight let-down was the mushy peas. I love mushy peas and these were a little on the hard end of the spectrum. They weren't the worst I have had, though, and the fish and tartare sauce more than made up for it. Highly recommended. (Service was quick too!)

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