Sunday, 27 May 2012

Living it up with Uptons burgers

The sun is continuing to flirt with us, which can mean only one thing... BBQ time! Judging by how busy Sainsburys was this morning when I went shopping for burger buns, I think the whole country had the same idea.

Taking advantage of the current predictability of this hot streak, we had invited a few friends round. As well as the sun itself, we had an extra lure... Louisiana burgers from Uptons butchers.

I must admit that I actually buy most of my meat from the supermarket but I do like the produce from a "proper" butcher, especially for a slightly special dinner - or guests. Fortunately, we have one of the best right on our doorstep: Uptons of Bassett.

These guys have award-winning sausages and burgers (great for BBQs!) and a tasty range of pies etc. in addition to the rest of the usual butcher meat products. Their Louisiana burgers are particularly epic. "Jumbo beef and pork burger with hint of spices", these are definite contenders for the ultimate burger. The only potential problem on a day like today is that everyone else would think so too. Indeed, when I went to Uptons this morning, the queue was almost out the door.

Happily, Uptons also have a fantastic website, and so we were able to pre-order (and pre-pay for) our Louisiana burgers yesterday, so all I needed to do today was go in and pick them up. Perhaps not that shocking or amazing in the 21st Century but I just like it when things work well (i.e. as they should) and the Uptons ordering system works well. If, like me, you are the kind of person that worries about shops selling out of the specific thing you want, this kind of thing can really take the edge off of hosting stress. Well done, Uptons. (The burgers were delicious, too!)

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