Monday, 6 February 2012

Alex Wild's insect adventures. (Isn't the Internet great?)

I feel like I haven't made enough science blogs of late. One reason for this is that there are others out there doing it so much better! So, instead, until I have something interesting to say, I thought I'd do a quick blog about a science blog.

My friend, Joel, who works on ants, first told me about Alex Wild. This guy takes amazing insect photos, one of which can be seen here from his blog Myrmecos. (I did ask first - because his photos are so cool, Alex has had problems in the past with bloggers, and even the media, taking them without permission.)

The beastie in question is a rare Loboscelidia sp. wasp. I'm not a bug man, so to me it's just a crazy-looking critter but this is actually a really unusual find. You can read the story on Alex's blog but it's great tale of the power of the Internet and how Twitter is not (just) a waste of time filled with the inane ramblings of strangers (in 140 characters or less)! Check out the photos on Alex's website too; they're jaw-droppingly good. (And not all ants!)

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