Wednesday, 4 February 2015

200,000 pageviews... and some dodgy Blogger stats

I noticed that my blog hit another landmark recently, exceeding 200,000 pageviews. I was therefore curious to see once again what were the most popular posts. At 100,000 pageviews, the top three were:

  1. Expanding Macbook Air disk space with SD cards (4002 VIEWS)
  2. OMICS Group Conferences - Sham or Scam? (Either way, don’t go to one!) (4000 VIEWS)
  3. How to root a phylogenetic tree (2662 VIEWS)

The updated top ten, according to the “Stats » Posts” page on Blogger look like this:

So, no change in the top three other than a reversal of #1 and #2. Except… looking at the “Posts” page revealed that a number of more recent posts exceeded some of the listed posts. Last year’s Paddy’s Day post, for example, has 707 views, not the 524 listed. Not a big problem in the grand scheme of things but a little annoying. (What’s the point of providing stats if they don’t agree?!)

Out of curiosity, I decided to go through the individual post counts. The top six are the same order, at least, just with higher page counts:

  1. OMICS Group Conferences - Sham or Scam? (Either way, don’t go to one!) (11503 pageviews)

  2. Expanding Macbook Air disk space with SD cards (9054 pageviews)

  3. How to root a phylogenetic tree (7913 pageviews)

  4. Are “Happy Eggs” really happy? (And are Viva really pro-welfare?) (6047 pageviews)

  5. How to stop Outlook on Mac OSX replacing quotes & apostrophes with superscript numbers (5883 pageviews)

  6. Avenged Sevenfold - my kind of Nightmare for Halloween (1803 pageviews)

However, then it deviates in both order and number, with the rest of the top 20 posts beating the 1000 views and thus the listed ranks 7-10, which are either missing or muddled:

  1. Putting photos on Picasa with an iPad = 1684

  2. Artificial Selection versus Natural Selection = 1641

  3. (≠10) Kumala Zenith Merlot/Cab Sav/Shiraz - another bargain red = 1604

  4. (≠8) Who does Microsoft Academic Research think you are? = 1301

  5. (≠7) When snowmen go bad (Christmas graffiti) = 1286

  6. Making e-Books with Wikipedia = 1263

  7. Differential survival, (inclusive) fitness, selection and evolution = 1207

  8. Blogging in Markdown with Blogger and Markable (on a Mac) = 1124

  9. When is a Moro not a Boost? When it’s an Aussie Cadbury’s Mars Bar! = 1107

  10. iPlan with Onzo revisited (and not recommended) = 1100

  11. A review of the “Instant Markdown” eBook from Packt Publishing = 1064

  12. Finding Nemo’s sex-changing father = 1063

  13. Marvellous Markdown = 1031

  14. How to read a phylogenetic tree = 1014

The Paddy’s Day post was way down with 707 pageviews. Indeed, three posts that I feel are much more worthy weighed in higher (along with some others):

I guess the take-home message is: don’t count pageviews!

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