Saturday, 2 November 2013

One Six Nine Cafe - setting the bar high for Sydney brunch

Australians are big into their brunch (I have been told) and today we had our first proper brunch in Sydney, at One Six Nine Cafe in Randwick, which we discovered thanks to Urban Spoon. (I neglected to take any pictures at the time, so I pinched the one to the left from their gallery.)

We shared the smoked salmon brunch - smoked salmon on sourdough toast with ricotta, avocado and a poached egg - and the day’s special: peanut butter pancakes with maple syrup, grilled banana and crispy bacon. Amazing. The portions were just right (for me) - large enough to feel that I was getting value for money (and full!) but not obscene - and the food was all top quality. The coffee was good too!

I suspect that this is the first of many brunches to come but it might be a hard one to beat! Fortunately, One Six Nine is within walking distance of where we'll be living but not too close. (The temptation might be too strong for our wallets!)

As an added bonus, they also served Tap™, which I had seen advertised outside a cafe before but did not really understand what it was. It turns out that it’s not a crazy gimmick/scam (along the lines of Dasani) but is instead an attempt to save resources by encouraging people to drink tap water, something that I can happily get behind!

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