Monday, 18 November 2013

More rain than Dublin!

One of the most surprising statistics about Sydney is that it has more annual rainfall (~1200 mm) than Dublin (~700 mm). It’s not really something that one tends to associate with Australia - particularly as we arrived to news of raging wild fires across New South Wales following a particularly dry winter.

The reason, of course, is that Sydney also has more daily sunshine hours on average too (mean 6.8 per day versus 4.0 for Dublin) - the difference is that when it rains in Sydney, it tends to rain hard. (The main difference, at least - Dublin has around 10 fewer rainy days on average, according to Wikipedia.) This past week or so has been testament to that - so much so that I felt the need to buy a new umbrella at the supermarket today for the 5-10 minute walk back to my office. (My previous umbrella finally died on the way to work this morning.)

If you are visiting Sydney, check the forecast - and, if in doubt, pack an umbrella!

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