Sunday, 8 April 2012

Water meadows, water voles and watering holes

Today, we got some good fresh air on the Water Meadows walk in Winchester, returning along the Itchen Navigation. This is a lovely (and flat!) stroll of about 7-8km or so, the highlight of which was a water vole that swam along right next to us before having a quick preen and disappearing into his hole.

As an added bonus, we arrived back in Winchester at the right time and place to try out a new watering hole for lunch, in the form of the Bishop on the Bridge pub. This is a pub that I have managed to overlook on my many previous visits to Winchester but it does a good range of beers and has a good menu too.

I'm a big believer that you can tell a lot about a pub's fayre from its burgers and, after a nice stroll along the Itchen, I was in the mood for a good burger; I was not disappointed. I opted for one with cheddar and mushrooms and it really hit the spot. Although the shrooms were not outstanding and got a bit lost, the burger itself was very tasty; even if it was shaped a bit too perfectly to be hand-made, it was very meaty and juicy (and good value for money). The chips were also great and I think the tomato relish was up with the nicest I have had, all washed down with a nice glass of Leffe blond.

It may have taken over four years to discover both the walk and the pub but I don't think it will be another four years before we repeat the itinerary - highly recommended if you're in the Winchester area.

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