Friday, 13 September 2013

Farwell, old squashy kangaroo friend

It’s exactly a month until the Big Move Down Under and therefore seemed an appropriate time for a quick post to say goodbye to an old friend. Before you feel too sad on my behalf, the friend in question is a hat - an Australian Barmah “Squashy Kangaroo” hat to be precise.

I got my Squashy a few years ago during my first visit to Australia, on holiday. One of the appeals at the time - as suggested by the name - is that it folds up and squashes down nice and small, ideal for travelling.

Since Australia, I have mostly used it a sun hat in the garden but it’s also been on a few more exciting/adventurous trips with me, including our Honeymoon in Belize. Over time, however, it has got a bit mis-shapen sweat-stained and the prospect of ample opportunity to replace it meant that it was finally time to say goodbye. I am not sure whether I will get exactly the same type but I definitely see another Barmah hat (or two!) in my future.

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