Sunday, 1 September 2013

The journey Down Under begins (for the cats, at least)

Yesterday hailed a major (and not entirely welcome) milestone in our preparations for the big move to Australia as we said a (thankfully temporary) goodbye to the cats. As we are moving out of our house next week but not actually moving to Australia until October, Mia and Arthur have gone on their holidays a bit early. We’re going to miss those little furballs!

Being cats, they have dropped hints in the past regarding possible modes of transport should a big move be on the cards…

In the end, though, we decided to get some professionals on the case and have arranged things through PetAir UK. We’ve been very pleased with the service so far and can heartily recommend them for anyone else thinking of making an overseas move with their furry friends. Their Facebook page is quite heartwarming (and reassuring) too. Run by vets and with a cattery near Heathrow, we know our kitties are in good hands.

Quarantine for cats moving from the UK to Australia is only a month, so we should hopefully be reunited in mid November. It’s going to be a long ten weeks, I think, but I suspect we might have one or two things to distract us in the meantime.

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