Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Goodbye, little dog. (Levi 1996-2011)

Today, my dog-in-law was put down due to failing health. (My wife's dog, Levi, who lived with her parents in Dublin.) I'm not entirely sure why I am blogging about it but I just feel like the little guy deserved a mention.

This picture is possibly a little mean, as he is wearing a bow and not looking his most masculine as a result. It reveals something of his character, though, I think: (generally) well behaved and good fun. He certainly always made me feel welcome whenever I invaded his home.

It also catches him when he was a bit younger and more spritely, taken as it was at Christmas 2007. He was already 11 at this point! We're going back to Dublin this Christmas and it will be strange not to have Levi snuffing at the dining room door while we tuck into the delicious feast that my mother-in-law has laid on.

He made it to 15, or 105 in dog years, which is pretty good going but it is still sad to have to say goodbye to a friend, be they human or animal. He will be missed.

Location:Dublin, Ireland

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