Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Cabbages of Doom: one decade on

As the end of September looms, so does an important (and slightly scary) milestone for me. A week today will be the tenth anniversary of the submission of my PhD thesis. Eek!

To celebrate the event, I have decided that my first ever peer-reviewed publication deserved another airing. Admittedly, the peer in question was my mate Matt, and the manuscript in question was self-published with a very limited print run. Of course, I am referring to The Cabbages of Doom. You can read the PDF here, or if you need more enticing, here's the blurb:

For Cyril the Squirrel it was just another day. His main concern was the location of his nuts and the daily battle to avoid being eaten by something with nasty sharp bits and a taste for rodent. And then came The Cabbages of Doom.

Suddenly, Cyril found himself the key player in a struggle over time and space for his survival and the safety of those around him. Plus, if he's lucky, a bit of lovin' on the side. Take some marauding vegetables, add a menagerie of talking animals, then chuck in an army of chrome-plated midgets for good measure, and you have a story that will keep you amused and entertained* for, well, a few minutes. Maybe more.

*The author accepts no responsbility for readers that are neither amused nor entertained.

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