Thursday, 5 June 2008

Thank you and wish me good luck

From time to time I am randomly contacted by people looking for a placement in my lab. Generally, it is very obvious that they have just sent round a blanket e-mail without bothering to find out what I actually do. (At least I am now a lab leader - when I was a postdoc I got contacted by people who obviously did not even know what I was, let alone what I did.)

Yesterday, I got a particularly entertaining one. Unlike most, he was applying with his own funding, which therefore made him of potential interest, but he was clearly just spamming labs in hope of a response. This seemed a bit odd to me, as if he had funding he should have been able to be quite selective of where he went.

I directed him to, which has many self-funded PhD placements advertised, and pointed out that I was a computational (not "wet") biologist. As expected, he replied to say that he was not interested in bioinformatics. The best bit, though, was his parting comment: "Thank you and wish me good luck." :o)

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