Sunday, 8 June 2008

All aboard the schouler ship

I know it's bad form to make fun of people with bad English but sometimes circumstances indicate that they deserve it. Following on from my "thank you and wish me luck" experience, I got another e-mail over the weekend from another Egyptian, this time with the subject "schouler ship". (Scholarship, I presume?) Now, while the first guy obviously had no idea I was a computational biologist, this guy hasn't even bothered to find out which country I am in!
"Dear prof.Dr. Richard J. Edwards
best wishes from the sky of Egypt
i would like to introduce myself to you
my name is:#### ####
underdraduate student at El-Azhar University Faculty of Science (Biology Department) have a geart interest for continuing my undergraduate study in biology at USA (i`m a student at the final course of the first year (biology department)
please you can direct me about what is the document papers or certificates i must sended it you for continuing my study at USA and what about the avilability for gaining a schoulership for continuning my study.
my interest in Genetics
thanks for your helping
#### ####"
Come on, people! Who do you think you are going to impress with such an error-riddled mis-directed e-mail?! I liked the "best wishes from the sky of Egypt" bit, though. I like to think he beamed the e-mail from a hot air balloon using a satellite uplink or something.

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