Saturday, 26 October 2013

Flavoured Freddos

In the UK, Freddos represent a very cost-effective source of sensibly portioned Cadbury’s chocolate. At 20p for 20g, they have a weight/cost ratio that is not seen again until the dangerously big 100g+ bars.

In Australia, basic Freddos are not quite so good - they’re not so cheap for one thing but, more importantly, unadulterated Cadbury’s chocolate is nowhere near as nice. Perhaps for this reason, Cadbury’s in Australia adulterate their Freddos with additional flavours a lot more than the UK (where I’ve only see Caramel). Two such examples are “popping candy” and “strawberry pond”. Whilst the former is just odd, the latter is actually very nice - a bit like a giant Strawberry Cream from Quality Street.

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