Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Oar House

On Thursday we went to The Oar House in Howth, for the second time ( This is a fantastic (primarily) seafood restaurant on the West Pier of Howth, Co. Dublin. (Ireland.) This restaurant is great! It is definitely on my list of things to do when visiting Dublin. (If I still lived there, it would be on my list of things to do with visitors to Dublin but, sadly, I only discovered it a week or so before I moved back to England!) If the weather is good, then have a lovely day wandering around Howth and the headland, or visiting Ireland's Eye, before retiring for some top nosh. (Ring ahead though to book a table!)

The fish and chips (pictured) are exactly how fish and chips should be. The only problem with them - and I say this having grown up in a British seaside holiday town - is that they might make all future fish and chips from other places rather disappointing! The Buffalo prawns (a bit like buffalo wings only in prawn form) are an absolute must-have. If you are alone, get them as a starter. If you are with someone else, as I was, I suggest getting a main course portion of buffalo prawns and a main course portion of something else (we had the always excellent Smokies) and share them between you. This way you get a couple of great sides too - the Sweet Potato Mash and Home Cut Chips work well with the Buffalo Prawn/Smokies combo.

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